Theme of the Month

Life is a Treasure…Live it with LOVE & JOY

Life is a treasure…live it with Love & Joy and you unlock all the secrets!!! LOVE  LILA  LIFE Liberation from tight thoughts & squeezed heart space awaits you! Wow so freeing… resentment, insecurity, jealousy, and all negativity melts away…has nowhere to attach! The human mind sometimes has a tendency to contract into obsessive patterns and negative thoughts. Yoga can be

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Theme of the Month: Gravity

THEME OF THE MONTH Gravity There’s gravity and our relationship to it— how we press into it and rise from it; how we fall and rebound from it; how we align structurally in a sustainable way with it or not; and how we move in a sustainable way with it or not. Regardless of our actions gravity is a constant.

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Realizing Blessings: Divine Within–Lila Love Life! …Even During Difficult Times

Lila is the divine manifestation of energy. It is within all of us. It is everything we do and are. Lila Is the larger rhythm of life beyond the immediacy of our situation or our limited view. As my beloved H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji of Parmarth Niketan Ashram says: “Whatever the divine wish, man proposes, God disposes. We are

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OPEN LILA LOVE FEST~~~ Love, Peace, and Courage is needed in the world. Lila Yoga is offering an intention: a spontaneous LOVE FEST…without boarders!!! Yoga without boarders. Love without Boarders. Peace without Boarders. A virtual and real space/state-of-being for LOVE & PEACE. I invite each of us to allow the inner beauty, where hugs manifest into actions, a place where

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Freeing our Identity Beyond Body

I know how entangled our identity can get with our bodies. There’s so much suffering associated with confusing our bodies for who we are. There is also a bizarre social fusion that simultaneously objectifies the body, inviting us to idolize particular body shapes, AND on the other hand tells us to hide our bodies as though to apologize for our

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Diving into the Unknown & Rising into Your Magnificence

“Whether teaching Lila Yoga or Contact Improvisation, I am offering, supporting, pushing, nudging, edging on, instigating, and wishing for A WAKE UP CALL INTO THE RICHNESS OF LIVING! Into a nourishing way of being… An invitation into living in a larger awakened state–a state of really listening, hearing, moving, engaging, being, and being fully present. Allowing your presence to sink

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March: Unification Across Boundaries

As we move through time/space with particular qualities of energy, we set currents in action, not only as liquid waves arcing beyond the moment we set them in action, but also as characteristics of energy with qualities specific to how we were living in that moment.  These arcs of energy expand through time/space imprinting onward in the movement of life

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