Theme of the Month: Gravity


There’s gravity and our relationship to it— how we press into it and rise from it; how we fall and rebound from it; how we align structurally in a sustainable way with it or not; and how we move in a sustainable way with it or not. Regardless of our actions gravity is a constant. It is reliable and keeps us anchored/grounded, giving us a base from where to explore, build, play, and learn.

Within our Lila Yoga practice we are acknowledging our physicality within physics and the critical role of gravity. Wherever we are on earth, we have equal access to gravity, varying only with our distance to it with altitude.

In our Lila Yoga asana practice we connect into the downward flowing energy (apana), root into the nutrients of the soil/earth, acknowledging this bond and igniting an exchange of forces (prana). This inter-play of forces becomes the dance of Lila—the dance of the vital life forces.

Asanas become the opportunity to shake out of our mundane habitual functions and intellectual analysis, and instead awaken to the brilliance of gravitational energy as a connectivity that we can coordinate with, play with and unite within. When this happens our alignment is supported not only by our intentions and our beautiful little bodies but our pastures become supported by a force indescribable with the limitations of words. The Lila Yoga practitioner begins to experience unity of energy which yields an extraordinary experience of connectivity and sustainability. In these moments we are not limited by our individual identity, thoughts or concerns. We are experiencing our selves clearly as an essential element within the whole— supporting and being supported—prana flows.

After such a practice, I find myself refreshed—perspectives seem clearer and less tainted. I suppose that’s why I continue to practice. Lila gives us the opportunity to dance with gravity— noticing dissonance, mindfully modifying, and allowing the unity to take flight.

~Erica Kaufman, January 2019

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