One-On-One Sessions

Yoga has a long history of one teacher working directly with one student. Sessions of individualized instruction are thoughtfully designed and molded to suit the student. Traditionally, our studio offers 60-minute online private sessions with a free consultation to assess your yoga practice needs. The therapeutic aspects of working with a teacher one-on-one are profound, as the full hour is devoted to your specific needs and focused atmosphere. Private sessions are available with the founder of Lila Yoga and owner of Lila Yoga Studios, Erica Kaufman, as well as RYT-500 Hour Certified Lila Yoga teachers.

Class Date and Time: Our studio will contact you after you have made the purchase to schedule the day and time.

Available Hours: Monday to Friday, 7 am – 5 pm.

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Private Session Q & A with Lila Founder, Erica Kaufman

How long have you been teaching private sessions?
I first started teaching private sessions when I was in college. I had two students who had particular needs and they both independently approached to see if I could help. One was recovering from surgery and the other was a basketball player with tight hamstrings. Although that was 30 years ago, I am still in touch with those two people and have enjoyed their health ever since.

What should clients expect from a private session with you?
There is an initial consultation where we meet and mostly talk. I like to observe an individual’s breath and energy. I consider my observations and what I hear them sharing. I then build a practice specifically designed for their particular needs. Private sessions are usually scheduled weekly.

What sort of transformational changes have you observed in previous sessions with clients?
There is incredible focus during a private session and because of this caring attentiveness, extraordinary development and growth are experienced. These sessions transform challenges into opportunities in real life situations. It is truly extraordinary to witness.

What is rationale behind offering a private sessions versus a studio session?
When I work one on one with a student, that person has my full attention. I’m able to observe every breath, movement, and first hand experience the result of inner attitudes. I am right there for the individual, coaching and supporting them the full way. It is very rewarding for the both of us to experience the tremendous transformative growth that happens. It’s an intimate sharing but the focus is clear. The focus is working towards a more balanced, sustainable for this individual — you!

Please reach out to with questions about private sessions or pricing.