The POWER of Prana and Lila Yoga

10 months after shoulder surgery from my fall on stone steps, I am slowly slowly gaining range & strength. It’s a journey spiced with pain, love, consistent disciplined practice, & faith. Every once in a while I am blessed to feel the progress. Other times I just know deep in my heart that my Lila Yoga practice where I align my body & self with the sustenance of prana, is helping me participate in the healing process. Many of you have witnessed the progress from injury to surgery to sling to now, and I’m certainly not done yet. But I’m determined & practicing at our beautiful Studio with all of you continues to be a great inspiration. Lila. Love. Life.

💗🙏🏽 Erica Kaufman

 Click to see Erica in Healing Action—–>>>  IMG_7071

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