Yoga for better mental health

With its emphasis on breathing practices and medita­tion—both of which help calm and center the mind— it’s hardly surprising that yoga also brings mental benefits, such as reduced anxiety and depression. What may be more surprising is that it actually makes your brain work better.

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The POWER of Prana and Lila Yoga

10 months after shoulder surgery from my fall on stone steps, I am slowly slowly gaining range & strength. It’s a journey spiced with pain, love, consistent disciplined practice, & faith. Every once in a while I am blessed to feel the progress. Other times I just know deep in my heart that my Lila Yoga practice where I align

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Lila Yoga Teacher Training 2019 Informational Meeting

We are looking to recruit people for the next Lila Yoga Teacher Training! Erica Kaufman, owner and founder of Lila Yoga, voted the number one yoga instructor by State College magazine for years in a row will be the instructor. We are interested in training people who people who want to deepen their practice, learn more about the great science

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Healing for the Community

HEALING LOVE 💗 HERE & NOW. There was a terrible shooting in town last night. Sooo much pain. People lost their lives and other people have been injured. I will teach tonight’s 5:30pm class for FREE—as a gift to our community and in support of our ability to HEAL, LOVE, & THRIVE💗🌱. I have also asked our admin team to

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Erica Brings LILA YOGA to China

On a recent trip to teach Lila Yoga in India, Erica was approached by two pioneers for yoga in China—Ji Jinyan who owns FREE YOGA STUDIOS in Guilin, and Jingli owner of the popular Jingli Yoga. They both were attracted by Erica’s teaching and the unique role of Prana within Lila Yoga. This led to Erica’s first teaching tour in

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Realizing Blessings: Divine Within–Lila Love Life! …Even During Difficult Times

Lila is the divine manifestation of energy. It is within all of us. It is everything we do and are. Lila Is the larger rhythm of life beyond the immediacy of our situation or our limited view. As my beloved H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji of Parmarth Niketan Ashram says: “Whatever the divine wish, man proposes, God disposes. We are

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OPEN LILA LOVE FEST~~~ Love, Peace, and Courage is needed in the world. Lila Yoga is offering an intention: a spontaneous LOVE FEST…without boarders!!! Yoga without boarders. Love without Boarders. Peace without Boarders. A virtual and real space/state-of-being for LOVE & PEACE. I invite each of us to allow the inner beauty, where hugs manifest into actions, a place where

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LILA YOGA is unity within life

While on a recent Lila Yoga teaching tour along the Bay of Bangal in India, Erica was interviewed by Abhijit Gangguly of Kolkata Konnector. He writes about interesting cultural news in the Kolkata area. He was drawn to the special way Lila Yoga awakens beautiful energy in our lives and in our yoga practice. Click here to read…Why practice yoga

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