April & May: Time to Celebrate LIFE!…The Art of Living

Celebrate Life April_May

Celebrating Life and The Art of Living.

Dear People ❤️????????❣ The time has arrived to celebrate Life❣❤️‼️ But how? Let’s take a brief look into the science of yoga and what it offers. Yoga is the science & art of living in harmony. Yoga considers the mind to be a huge influential factor in the human experience and thus worthy of understanding. There are many aspects of the mind including what I will call the small mind–the part of us that is saturated by the immediacy of our considerations and experiences. It is the way we function when the world seems to shrink down to conform inside perceived boundaries of a frame and we lose the larger perspective/context or rhythm/energy of life.

But unity/yoga has no borders 🙂 And when we function inside the limitations of a framed awareness, we may not be sensitive to the larger rhythms of consideration.
So how do we broaden our awareness? Let’s consider 2 Sanskrit words:

Lila = cosmic play within life; the larger rhythm of life.

Yoga = Unity/Harmony

Lila Yoga (Unity within Life) is a unique and powerful offering in the field of yoga. It’s an invitation to live with greater awareness & respect… to truly appreciate the sanctity of life and learn to coordinate with each moment. Lila is the creative manifest life force energy (Maya) that enables EVERYTHING, and Yoga is what IS …UNIty!

Lila Yoga reminds us that we are aligning our full-somatic-self within the cosmic whole.  It offers 3 simple steps as powerful tools in the art of living.

These 3 steps awaken us to cosmic energy that unites & supports each and every moment.

These 3 steps helps us into our boundless brilliant ❣❣❣ LOVE by experiencing ourselves within an energetic force  field (Prana) of support.
❣❣❣By awakening us to wiser perceptions, they encourage a worthy trust in the larger rhythm of Life❣❣❣

Lila Yoga gives us tools in life to:
2. PRACTICE MINDFULNESS (modify into the greater good)
3. UNITE (harmonIze/unite …integrate)

These 3 steps can be applied into any situation in life as well as specific physical practices of yoga. In Lila Yoga Asanas, our bodies become one small essential part of a cosmic size experience.

Lila Yoga is unity within Life… Sanctity within Life… finite within INfinite.

~Erica❤️ sending Love❣ ❤️????????❣ The time has arrived to celebrate Life❣❣❣ ❤️Let’s do this????????????


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