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The Power of a Devoted Morning Practice:

Each day as I practice my Lila Sun Salutations I devote meditative time to experience myself surrounded by energies/potentials. I practice sensitizing myself and becoming available to Blessings. I visualize them sparkling/twinkling. I gather them in my hands and lift them… Offering them generously, like a child who really believes and then, humbly, I also receive them as I draw

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Bringing Lila Yoga to the People of Chennai India

Peeking into ComPASSIONATE Awareness is part of a Lila Yoga project to bring the mindful qualities of yoga into people’s daily life. Here Yogini Erica Kaufman practices Lila Yoga Surya Namaskar, teaches pranayama, asana and mediation, and talks with people about health and life in Koyambedu Flower Market in Chennai, India.

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Energy pathways through Asanas

“The amount of energy awakened through the asana is in direct correlation to the amount of extension the practitioner engages into the root, through the energy line and out through the expression points.” ~Erica “As we move through time/space with particular qualities of energy, we set currents in motion, not only as liquid waves arcing beyond the moment we set

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Metaphysical Kayaking with Lila Yoga

I’ve been kayaking in my practice lately. Enjoying going into the unknown with all the glory of an empowered calm—through uncharted journeys, white water rapids into the depth of still waters—I am at one with the flow, expanding beyond borders, into the energy that I am .  In retrospect, I am forever awed by it all, and when in it,

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