Metaphysical Kayaking with Lila Yoga

I’ve been kayaking in my practice lately.

Enjoying going into the unknown with all the glory of an empowered calm—through uncharted journeys, white water rapids into the depth of still waters—I am at one with the flow, expanding beyond borders, into the energy that I am .  In retrospect, I am forever awed by it all, and when in it, am exhilarated, wild and free to shout out and fall into silence.


I am practicing my Lila Yoga and faithfully over and over again learning how to open up into the magnificence of the unknown.  I could hold onto to the familiar, but what’s the point? When I let go and empty into the release, I am the river.  I trust what is already here/there and am with the big of the mysterious/nameless place of expansion—into, through, in.


When I land back into the boundaries of my skin, and step onto solid land, I am humbled by the ride of my practice and marvel at the beautiful balance of it all.  I roll up my mat, and taste residual teachings that accompany me as I look out through these smaller eyes and navigate through the rest of my day—rejuvenated and willing.


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