August & September Theme of the Month: Lila Yoga® and Cosmic Energy

Lila Yoga® is the mindfulness interplay of energy at any given moment. Through the exchange of physical and subtle energy, Lila Yoga connects us to the web of energy within the body/mind and throughout the cosmos. By recognizing that both our body and mind affect this interplay of energy, Lila Yoga unites the physical and mental practices of yoga (hatha and raja).

Our state of mind contributes to the quality of energy and our bodies to the quantity, absorption and expression of energy.

Within Lila Yoga there’s an emphasis on sensitizing to this continuous cosmic energy dance in three amazingly simple and accessible steps:
1) cultivating AWARENESS
2) practicing MINDFULNESS
3) allowing MEDITATION

•First we observe and cultivate AWARENESS of energy and it’s movement (observing our breath, mind, and body);
•next we learn to apply our awareness by practicing compassionate MINDFULNESS in our ways of being in the world (absorption and expression of energy);
•then by deliberately harmonizing with specific energy quality & quantity, MEDITATION comes naturally.

Within yoga postures, Lila Yoga ignites this interplay of energy by connecting us individuals to the all of everything. We become one small crucial part of a cosmic size asana…so marvelous to experience! Just by aligning ourselves with specific energy lines, currents instantly move through us, strengthen and support us.

By practicing in this interconnected way, asanas become enlivened and dynamic! Asanas become profound opportunities to recharge and rebalance! You see, by connecting with specific qualities and movements of energy, we can experience ourselves as part of the whole–in an ever changing state of interconnectedness.

When physics and consciousness unite in Divine play of energy, it’s called Lila Yoga. ENJOY!!!”

~Erica Kaufman (founder of Lila Yoga

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