Energy pathways through Asanas

“The amount of energy awakened through the asana is in direct correlation to the amount of extension the practitioner engages into the root, through the energy line and out through the expression points.” ~Erica

“As we move through time/space with particular qualities of energy, we set currents in motion, not only as liquid waves arcing beyond the moment we set them in action, but also as  characteristics of energy with qualities specific to how we were living in that moment.  These arcs of energy expand through time/space imprinting onward in the movement of life itself.  Rather than practicing yoga-asana within the confines of the body/mind, consider boundaries as perceptions and sensitize to the subtle currents that you absorb and recreate.  We are an ocean of movement, with the option of navigating with an intelligent calm, strong, focus—uniting beyond perceived borders, into a vast ecstaticism that extends farther then any word can reach.” ~Erica

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