The Power of a Devoted Morning Practice:

Each day as I practice my Lila Sun Salutations I devote meditative time to experience myself surrounded by energies/potentials. I practice sensitizing myself and becoming available to Blessings. I visualize them sparkling/twinkling. I gather them in my hands and lift them… Offering them generously, like a child who really believes and then, humbly, I also receive them as I draw my hands and intentions to my heart.

My morning practice is a time to remind myself of the fluidity of existence and to realize the opportunity to align with the magnificence of this flow. Lila is a Sanskrit word that represents the divine rhythms of life…Divine prana play. Yoga means unity. Lila Yoga means unity within the rhythms of life.

As the holy river Mother Ganga flows, she is a great reminder of the larger rhythms of life. Powerful. Pure energy. Ever-changing. The word universe means ever-changing Oneness. I invite myself to be in harmony with this. I align body/mind with the river of life…align my physicality within the physics of it All and open myself to navigate into the ever changing Oneness.

Standing in her waters she refreshes and awakens me. As a Yogi, I am a student of the ever-changing presence within life. Mother Ganga is one of my greatest teachers.

Life is full of teachers and offerings. May we take the time to listen and practice. A morning practice with devotion can help set a healthy state of being for the full day.

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