Simple Steps to Connect Your Mind to Heart Wisdom

Simple Steps to Connect Your Mind to Heart Wisdom

What is the mind? And where is it? Is it the brain? Brainstem? Central nervous system? Peripheral nervous system? All of these carry energy currents which don’t end at the nerve ending, but rather communicate onward receiving and giving messages.

Our whole system is an incredible symphony that echoes our state of being / mind. We are wired to be a responsive organism and yet we can teach ourselves to rest within the larger support around us and within us.

Our minds are powerful and convincing and tend to pull us out of union to feel separate from nature, from our environment, from the UNIverse. Of course this is a ridiculous idea; being separate from nature, environment, or the universe. Indeed the mind is so convincing, and at times so distracting, that we can convince ourselves that we are separate.

By contrast the heart has no sense of separation. You see the heart doesn’t need to rest from its illusions. Our heart is our truth center with simple and profound wisdom. Our heart cannot lie, it always rest within the truth.

When we learn to honor our heart, we develop an awareness which can then allow us to practice mindful choices in honor of the heart wisdom.

When we learn to rest our mind in meditation, we experience ourselves as part of the whole.… and we emerge rejuvenated. Resting the mind in a meditative state allows us to reenter our day with clearer perspectives.

Try just taking two or three minutes a day to sit comfortably and be within the tranquility of a resting body/mind.

  • Relax the muscles of your skull.
  • Allow your breath to be easy.
  • Feel yourself in the spacious ease of heart wisdom.
  • Allow yourself to feel the spaciousness and to be the ease.

These simple steps permit us to rest in a wisdom that is not of mind stuff. We actually rise from these few minutes refreshed because the mind has rested. This simple practice can support healthier choices and healthier interactions.

Shall we sit?

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