July 2015: Purifying Through Emotions

One thing I am absolutely clear about is that I am not my body and I am not my emotions. I do however live through the grace of a magnificent body mind that has emotional states and allows me to experience the Sanctity of Life.

There’s not a day that goes by where I am not aware of this sanctity, and this awareness naturally inspires mindfulness, gratitude, and genuine care. Yet it doesn’t mean that any of us reach a consistent, nonwavering clarity.

I am.
I am within a body mind.
I am tiny.
I am without end.
I am finite.
I am eternal.
I am human with in divinity.
I am divinity within human.
I am blessed into consciousness.

I am.

Bodies speaks in a language called ‘sensations’ and emotions within heart/mind speak a language called ‘feelings’.

This month I invite all of us to not shut the door tight on uncomfortable emotions. But recognize that each emotion is a messenger pointing towards an offering. If we can learn to understand the language of emotions we can grow, become more aware and more capable.

Sometimes people feel they can suppress emotions. But this is a futile effort. When emotions that are not honored, they tend to be quite demanding, insistent, even nagging. For instance when fear is not honored, it can turn into panic. However when we are ready to face, even honor our fears, we open ourselves to WISDOM.

May we be patient with ourselves and others when we are governed by the emotional body and not yet hearing it’s secret pure offering.

I invite us all to take time to honor the language of the emotional body and it’s purifying potential… a Sacred messenger offering growth into new awarenesses, strengths, compassion & love.

with Blessings…

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