April 2015: Renewal

Spring!!! Can you feel an exuberant birth of wondrous joy rise?! (allergies too:) And with longer daylight hours are you noticing extra energy?

Our moods and energy quality and quantity levels are directly related to the climate, atmospheric pressure, and seasons. It’s so wild how us humans like to think of ourselves is separate from our habitat. The truth is our internal environment (body/mind) and our external environment are linked.

Yoga is the science of living a healthy balanced life.

Lila Yoga is unique in that it works with our relationship to energy in the body/mind and around the body. Each moment and situation in our lives requires a specific energy quantity, quality, physical location and movement of energy, and expression of energy. When we have a disproportionate amount of energy or a inappropriate energy quality given into any situation, it causes stress. Becoming aware of this process, enables us to make more informed decisions.

I am interested in the human condition…the relationship between our awareness (mindfulness), our actions and conditions/manifestations as they relate internally within our body / mind and within the “external” environment–our habitat.

May this months and this season bring about in each of us a RENEWAL of AWARENESS and SUSTAINABILITY within ourselves and within our habitat.
Happy Earth Day!!!
Happy Spring!!!
Happy Renewal!!

Lila ~ Love ~ Passion

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