MAYA: the Divine Creativity–the Interactive Field of Existence

Often the Sanskrit word Maya is translated as illusion. But translations can be tricky and misleading. Words represent concepts and often these concepts do not translate into a single word in a different language. The Sanskrit word Maya is the phenomenal world where we live, think, interact. It becomes an illusion for us when we think it is solid, absolute, and the only aspect of our existence.
Pls read the exchange below between myself and one of my students in India.
STUDENT: what do u do when u are confused
u have no idea about your future
how do you focus on your present then?

Erica Kaufman: ah…such a good question.

STUDENT: can u help me find the answer?

Erica Kaufman: None of us know for sure what the future holds for us. Life is a journey…an interactive field of Maya where we play, discover, fall, and hopefully learn. As long as you are living through the grace of a body/mind, you must interact in the field and not get stuck in mind or body stuff.
It is such an odd phenomena how we create obstacles that feel so solid, so real…and only after they are popped do we see that they were of the mind and not real. This does not stop us from creating them again and again. It is human.
Please forgive me if I am confusing your situation with mine. I do not know the particulars of your story but am responding from my heart. When we feel down and stagnated by confusion, it is important to allow the confusion and not run away. Be within it…sit with it…respect it for it holds information for you. Sometimes confusion is simply a response to something new…unfamiliar. Perhaps big changes are heading your way.
Be patient with your human self. Be kind to your human self. Adore it…for the mind/body is on an adventure of constant change. Our true Self is already in harmony. We are one you and I…one in our confusion and one in our harmony. You have all the answers inside of you but you must be willing to hear.

I send you Love Blessings. OM NAMA SHIVAYA~Erica Acharya Kaufman

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