March 2015: The Essential Nutrients of Creativity

Creativity allows us to make new associations and new things. It is a crucial part of our intelligence. In order to allow this critical part of our existence to be free and productive, we must engage in a certain level of gutsiness and courage.

Creativity comes with no guarantees. Newness is yet to be known…it is unfamiliar…and without assurances. Creativity means change, and so often people crave the familiar. By the sheer fact of creating, we destroy what had been previously. Creativity creates change–new thoughts, new objects new perspectives.

Creativity gives us alternate ways of expressing ourselves and of understanding others.

The creative mind sees opportunities for inventions and ingenuity.

The creative mind is–
It allows new associations of thoughts, information, and situations, and deepening of our ability to understand others and their perspectives.

Creativity is part of our ability to discover and understand. It’s a form of play. That is what Lila means in Sanskrit…Divine Play. Lila is a state of mind where innocence and experience are perfectly balanced…where we are not lost by innocence but rather feel the freshness of each discovery…and where we are not defined by our experiences and our knowledge, but rather freed to ask more questions and consider more possibilities.

Lila Yoga respects and encourages the importance of explorations, and the importance of creative play in our lives.

May we all have the courage to step into the next moment without rigidity and with the creative abilities to understand the ever changing environments in which we have the grace and blessing to exist. ~Erica

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