December 2012: Generosity

I just arrived in Israel and I am surprised to feel the relative quiet and cleanliness compared to India.
Suddenly I have reliable internet access, SIM card in my phone was activated in minutes. Ha! and yet…

I miss India already…the sacred Mother Land that lifts me up and breaks me wide open each time I am there. Ah…I am so thankful to BE. WOW…what a rich experience. I taught 6-8 hours a day for two weeks (including wknds). So much teaching…and of course I learn from each student (regardless of verbal language), I learn from their ways and help/teach accordingly.

Now I am to spend Dec in another sacred place…the Holy Land of Israel…the land of my childhood.

I know a home so deep that land does not matter.
A familiarity so clear that each place I go I feel the strength of curiosity, respect, and joy.
As I meet new friends, join new families, and feel the give and take of inter connectivity, I am blessed with excited ease.

I am here…solo and not. I am here before Nonny, Sonia and Maya…but I am not lonely. As I relax into new-ancient rhythms, I experience the home of GENEROSITY. I will explain…

Generosity flows naturally
when we understand the inter-connectivity of it all.
Tat Tvam Asi. We are That…That which Is…no need to horde…impossible to hold onto anything…what could we hold onto? .
When we live sensitive to this,
it breaks down defensiveness and possessiveness and Generosity opens.
Generosity of Spirit, Love, Patience, Time…
we have within us/around us/between us, an endless source of these qualities. No need to ration. Fear of loss from Giving looses potency when we realize the true nature of Generosity and Home unfolds wherever you are.

I am here. I am there. I am home.

Theme of the Month: GENEROSITY.
Key words… non-defensiveness, non-possessiveness, inter-connectivity.
Key Sanskrit phrase…Tat Tvam Asi (‘You are That’, That which Is’)
Special Reminder…Lila Yoga Shavasana Stones anointed with Jasmine, to quiet our minds relaxes us out of defensive and possessive tenancies.

These Monthly Themes are only of use if they are experienced… rhetoric is quick…application a bit gutsier. Pls explore this theme in your life and be receptive to its lessons.

Sending You Love and Blessings.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Your Teacher, ~Erica

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