Lila Yoga Teacher Training

LILA = the larger rhythm of life–the creative play of prana
YOGA = unity
LILA YOGA = Unity in Life

Are you interested in becoming a Lila Yoga Instructor?

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to join a highly individualized training program whith 16 years of proven effectiveness. Our alumni are using their yoga in their personal life and professional life–such as therapists, social workers, clergy. Our alumni are successful yoga instructors and yoga studio owners in Europe, USA, India, and Israel.

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Our program meets & surpasses ALL the YOGA ALLIANCE requirements.
We offer
LYTT200 & LYTT300

LYTTrainees get FREE Lila Yoga Classes throughout the training.


1. Infuses yoga postures with vital life energy called prana
As a holistic practice, it truly connects body, mind, & spirit
3. Alignment of both physical body (Western Anatomy) & Subtle Body (Yogic Anatomy–nadis, chakras, vayus)
4. Encourages modifications into the greater good
5. Stimulates creativity and an adventurous learning process within our yoga practice
6. Awakens awareness–physicality within physics and finite within Infinite


1. Cultivates awareness of how we are at any given moment
2. Opens awareness of the larger picture–larger rhythm of life
3. Provides tools for us to relate to one another with calm focus
4. Helps us become MINDFUL of the qualities of energy that we are operating with
5. Stimulates creativity and an adventurous learning process
6. We move the practice from our hearts, to our minds, to our breath, to our actions.

Lîla Yoga is Philosophy in Motion

Since Lila Yoga is based on the divine play of cosmic energy (prana), we study how this energy effects us in our yoga practice and in life. With interest in the larger current/rhythm of life, this program has a holistic approach and encourages modifications into greater alignment with the body, the mind and the spirit. We take this integrated approach to our studies and practices of asana, Lila Explorations (a creative exploration of movement to reveal deeper awareness), meditation, philosophy, pranayama, partner-work, touch,
sequencing, svadyaya (self-study for personal growth), assisting, and more.

It is truly an AMAZING PROGRAM

–a vinyasa-based practice weaving together the power of a peaceful mind, a balanced body, and the spirit of truth. Lîla Yoga Teacher Training (LYTT) is designed for those who wish to teach yoga or simply want to take their yoga practice to the next level.

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LYTT200 & LYTT300 hour teacher start late September or early October 2016 to May 2017

LYTT300 will be held over 9 chosen weekends, once a month plus the 10 days in INDIA <3

LYTT300 is being taught by Lila Yoga Founder Yogacharya Erica Kaufman, E-RYT500 since 2003.
LYTT300 will begin in early October.
Daily Schedule for the 9 LYTT300 Intensives:
  • Friday 5-9pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm


$2500 includes training…plus FREE Lila Yoga Studio classes


Reserve your spot today!!! Both programs require $500 nonrefundable deposit due by August 15. This payment will count toward the tuition fee. Further payments for the program can be arranged with the instructor.


$1600 (this price is maximum. it might be less depending on which program you choose and the various costs at that time) This fee includes school tuitions, all housing, airport pickup and all transportation within India and one meal a day)


Lila Yoga Studios in Downtown State College, PA, PLUS 10 DAYS IN INDIA
For the India Trip you have two options. You can participate in either program:
  • Studying at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai INDIA January 1-10
  • Participating in the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh INDIA March 1-10


Complete the application online! Or download the paper version and contact Erica (erica [at]

LYTT 200 Application (All Can Apply)

LYTT 300 Application (All can apply. Those who already have a 200 hour training will graduate from this program eligible to register at the 500 hour level)


  • I had no idea how deep and expansive the science, philosophy, anatomy, history, spirituality, and methods of Yoga were. Erica, as well as every teacher at the studio, played generous, true, and personalised roles in my study of all of these things. I am a different person for it. When I look back on my years spent as a student in State College, some of my most valued and inspired time was spent at Lila Yoga Studios and my training there. Training in Lila Yoga has taught me life skills that stem from being authentic, bold, curious and in harmony that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I am thankful everyday for it. I could not imagine doing a training at a studio other than Lila Yoga with Erica Kaufman. I highly recommend it, and will be forever grateful.

    Porter Ergon

  • Lila yoga opened my eyes to a whole new approach and openness of yoga. Playing with energy through movement while simultaneously silencing the mind through focus and meditation has made me more mindful on and off the mat.

    Amanda Labretto

    Lila Yoga Teacher

  • LYTT was a gateway to living life with fresh perspective and mindfulness. Possibilities and opportunities seem endless now that I am devoted to a yogic lifestyle. I attribute my dedication to yoga to my invaluable LYTT experience. I am ever grateful for the lessons learned and the friendships I made.

    Stacy Moir Hall

    Lila Yoga Prenatal Teacher

  • I originally began the LYTT program simply with the intention of deepening my yoga practice. I wanted to be able to lead myself through a session on the mat without having to attend a studio class. However, as the weeks progressed, I found myself learning more about myself than I knew existed. I learned yoga as a life practice, not just as a physical one. Although I did learn anatomy, alignment, and pose sequencing, I learned more about my modes of existing within my community on all levels. The growth one is able to achieve through the LYTT program cannot be paralleled by any accelerated teacher training program or other workshops, due to both the content and the time period over which an individual has to explore every aspect of their being. Simply put, my LYTT experience was a beautiful investment in myself and my well being.

    Max Schultz

  • Lila Yoga Teacher Training is a beautiful journey that has opened so many doors for me. It has given me the tools to continue my life-long study of myself, yoga, and life. The authentic yoga practiced and taught through this program is so much more than what I can put to words. Taking the leap of faith and diving into the study of Lila Yoga is a decision I am thankful for everyday.

    Natalie DeSisto

    RYT 200

  • Porter Ergon
  • Amanda Labretto
  • Stacy Moir Hall
  • Max Schultz
  • Natalie DeSisto, RYT 200