Life is a Treasure…Live it with LOVE & JOY

Life is a treasure…live it with Love & Joy and you unlock all the secrets!!!
Liberation from tight thoughts & squeezed heart space awaits you! Wow so freeing… resentment, insecurity, jealousy, and all negativity melts away…has nowhere to attach! The human mind sometimes has a tendency to contract into obsessive patterns and negative thoughts. Yoga can be a great help in reinforcing positive energy and radiant love. Love in Life frees us into a liquid ever changing reality filled with Blessings, lessons, and the gift of time. This Sweet Pure Love supports & enables us as we navigate through ever changing environments. It’s an invitation to Enjoy the ride… Let’s keep reminding each other… Inspiring our higher self full of Love & Joy. Please join me at Lila Yoga Studios for a GREAT community of teachers & practitioners. Wherever you are ….Happy Valentines Day EVERYDAY

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