Jimmy Burridge

Trying to be a good conduit for the water to reach the sky. Feeling like an eagle diving for a fish.

Jimmy has been enjoying teaching at Lila since 2015 and practicing at Lila for a few years prior to that. In addition to yoga he devotes a good amount of time to beans, biking, hiking, and preparing and sharing good food with friends and acquaintances. The playful character of Lila fits gracefully with his self-guided, informal teaching style in which co-practitioners are encouraged to listen to their bodies and breath, deeply experience their own dance and learn to follow their intuition. He likes to mix in the occasional yoga mythology story or visualization to deepen the practice and also integrates some contact improv and tai chi elements.

His current mid-day class, affectionately called “business yoga” includes a playful practice of dharana, yogic single-pointed concentration, which can be extremely useful in the business or school day, meditation and many other facets of life!

Flow, play, dance, frogs and stars can tell us stories and the world can guide us as we explore our habits and boundaries.


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