Theme of the Month

April 2015: Renewal

Spring!!! Can you feel an exuberant birth of wondrous joy rise?! (allergies too:) And with longer daylight hours are you noticing extra energy? Our moods and energy quality and quantity levels are directly related to the climate, atmospheric pressure, and seasons. It’s so wild how us humans like to think of ourselves is separate from our habitat. The truth is

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February 2015

Life is a treasure…Live it with Love and you unlock all the secrets. LOVE LIFE LILA Liberation from conditional love awaits you! Wow so freeing… resentment, insecurity, jealousy, and all negativity melts away… has nowhere to attach. Love in Life frees us into an ever changing liquid reality filled with Blessings, lessons, and gifts of time. This Sweet Pure Love

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Here’s to the magnificent art of feeling. I love the immediacy of feelings…allowing myself to be available to them. In yoga so often there is great emphasis on equanimity of mind in all situations. But what is so often forgotten is that yoga also honors our humanity—the fact that we live through human experiences. Yoga is the great science of

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