Bringing Lila Yoga to the People of Chennai India

Peeking into ComPASSIONATE Awareness is part of a Lila Yoga project to bring the mindful qualities of yoga into people’s daily life. Here Yogini Erica Kaufman practices Lila Yoga Surya Namaskar, teaches pranayama, asana and mediation, and talks with people about health and life in Koyambedu Flower Market in Chennai, India.

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March: Unification Across Boundaries

As we move through time/space with particular qualities of energy, we set currents in action, not only as liquid waves arcing beyond the moment we set them in action, but also as characteristics of energy with qualities specific to how we were living in that moment.  These arcs of energy expand through time/space imprinting onward in the movement of life

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